Polaris Gourmet Pte Ltd @ AXA Tower
Asian Delights & Steamboat Restaurant

Our Menu

Besides free-flow delicious soup bases like kimchi, laksa, tom yam and fish head, our extensive menu also features more than 50 types of dishes for you to choose from!

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Our Special

Indulge in the delectable selection of our specialty dishes such as fried shrimp paste chicken, handmade fried fish skin, cereal prawns and many more!

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Locate Us

Polaris Gourmet Pte Ltd

8 Shenton Way, B1-24 AXA Tower,

Singapore 068811

Tel : 62206818 Fax : 62206828

Email : info@polarisgourmet.com

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The Best Choices

Hong Kong style steam fish

Sliced Red Garoupa

Cereal Prawns

Braised Tofu

Fish Maw Soup

Welcome to Our Restaurant

About Us

A cosy place where busy executives can go for a fast meal or to entertain clients and meet up with friends. We serve an array of local favourites: Hor Fun, Beef Fried Rice, Xin Zhou Mi Fen, Salted Fish Fried Rice, Sliced Fish Soup, Hainanese Chicken Rice and many other popular items. One can also opt for a full meal consisting of Steamed Fish, Prawns cooked in various ways, chicken and pork dishes as well as a variety of greens whipped up by our team of experienced cooks.

If you are looking for a healthy meal, go for our steamboat options: fresh meats, seafood and vegetables cut and prepared for you to enjoy a DIY meal by cooking them in the broth of your choice. Choose from our list of popular soup base: our ever popular LAKSA STEAMBOAT, or the exciting and spicy TOM YAM STEAMBOAT or KIMCHI STEAMBOAT. For the traditionalist, we have the evergreen CHICKEN or FISHHEAD STEAMBOAT.

Vegetarian dishes are also available daily for those who are on vegetarian diet.


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